Setting the Stage with 99studio

When Zaituna Restaurant envisioned capturing the splendor of their “Dulang Biryani” in an ads video, they turned to 99studio, a trusted name in video production in Johor.

99studio embarked on the mission to create a visual masterpiece that would resonate with audiences on multiple levels.

Integrating Food Styling

One of the key elements that set the “Dulang Biryani” apart is its presentation – a symphony of colors and textures that evoke a sense of luxury and indulgence. Collaborating closely with Zaituna Restaurant’s culinary team, 99Studio’s food styling experts meticulously arranged each element to create a visual feast that would captivate viewers. The saffron strands shimmered, the spices sparkled, and the succulent meat beckoned, all meticulously captured by the lens.

A Hands-On Experience

Seafood boils aren’t just a dish; they’re an experience. As a local video production company in Johor, 99studio brought a unique perspective to the project. We understood the cultural nuances and preferences of the local audience, ensuring that the ads video not only showcased the dish’s grandeur but also resonated with the community.