A captivating corporate portrait photoshoot with Johor Petroleum Development Corporation Berhad (JPDC). As a federal agency and a subsidiary of the Malaysia Petroleum Resources Corporation (MPRC), JPDC holds a pivotal role in shaping the downstream oil and gas industry in Johor.


Portraits Photography


Johor Petroleum Development Corporation Berhad


Johor Bahru

Creating Portraits with Purpose: Collaborative Planning

The core of our photoshoot was anchored in collaborative planning. We worked closely with the JPDC team to understand their objectives for the portraits. These portraits weren't just images; they were intended for various platforms, from the company's official website to marketing materials.

Setting the Stage: Reflecting Professionalism

Incorporating the ethos of JPDC into the portraits demanded careful attention to every detail. We meticulously crafted an ambiance that embodied professionalism, yet remained inviting. The backdrop, lighting, and settings were chosen to reflect the company's commitment to excellence while maintaining an atmosphere of approachability.