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Flexi Eyewear

Product Promo Video & Photo

For Brand Marketing & E-commerce Promotion

Flexi Eyewear - Durable , Comfortable , Forever. The latest design of Flexi Premier Eyewear is comfortable temple fitting for different face shapes.Ultra Light and Super Tough.Flexi Plus frames made of β plastic material, hypoallergenic and suitable for wearers who are sensitive to nickel or other metals.They committed to giving users a better experience.Flexi Premium Eyewear is available online and optical shop now.


Flexi Eyewear


Glasses Manufacturer


Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia    

Product Photography

Customize Set Build Background & Special Effect
Make your product stand out in the competitive market

Product Promo Video

It is our bounden duty to perfectly present product uniqueness through video production

  Creates Trust Within The Marketplace
Improve Employee Pride And Satisfaction
Makes a Lasting Impression on Consumers

The Making-of

How we made it? Watch the making video of the shoots.

We provide comprehensive service

Create concise story line to accurately deliver key information
Customized machinery to complete every difficult actions
Ensure the quality and efficiency of video production

See the final video online at EBC Eyewear Flexi Premier




Outstanding marketing material

create a cohesive and appealing advertising strategy that plays well into your branding goals








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