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99studio stands out as one of the best video production service studios in Johor Bahru. Here's what distinguishes us from the competition:

• We are a family-owned company.
• Boasting over 25 years of experience.
• Our all-in-one studio solution, fulfilling all needs under one roof.
• We possess an extensive network of local industry partners.

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Studio Capabilities

Idea & Script

Our creative minds collaborate with marketing experts to craft compelling narratives from great ideas. Translated into well-written scripts, these concepts become the backbone of your project's success, resonating with your audience.


From talent selection to scouting locations, our meticulous planning ensures every project detail is covered. Through skilled cinematography, lighting, and direction, we bring your vision to life, capturing impactful moments.

Video Editing

In post-production, our expert editors weave footage together, enhancing scenes with visual effects and polish. This process elevates emotional depth and visual appeal, ensuring your intended message shines through seamlessly.

Motion Graphics

Dynamic motion graphics enhance your project's visual storytelling. Our designers skillfully blend animation, typography, and effects, adding sophistication and engagement. From intros to infographics, motion graphics enrich the viewing experience.

Audio Recording

For an immersive viewing experience, clear sound is vital. Our audio recording captures balanced soundscapes, including dialogue, ambient noise, and music. The result complements visuals and resonates with your audience.


Capture your project's essence through captivating still photography. Our skilled photographers create stunning images for promotional materials, posters, and digital platforms, expanding your project's reach.

Type of Videos

There are several types of marketing videos that businesses can use to promote your products, services, or brand.

KPRJ Corporate Video
Client: Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor Sdn Bhd

Corporate Branding

These videos communicate the brand's mission, values, and identity, often used to create an emotional connection with the audience.

Menara JLand Corporate Video
Client: Johor Land Bhd

Property Overview Video

This type of video provides an overall view of the building's development, highlighting its key features, design concepts, and amenities. It gives viewers a sense of the property's scale and style.

ILCS Smart Lighting Video
Client: Success Transformer Corporation Berhad

Product Demos

Demonstrations showcase how a product works, highlighting its features and benefits in action.

Christopher Lee & Fann Wong Interview Video
Client: MB Group

Testimonials and Case Studies

Real-life customer stories and experiences provide social proof and build trust.

Techbond Corporate Video
Client: Techbond Group Berhad

IPO Corporate Video

Crafting a compelling IPO (Initial Public Offering) corporate video helps convey your company's story and investment potential, making it a valuable asset in attracting investors and building trust within the financial community.

X-Beauty & Aesthetic
Client: X-Beauty & Aesthetic

Service Promotion Video

These videos are designed to generate interest in a product or offer, often using persuasive messaging and a call to action.

PVCMAN Intro Video
Client: Megahock Pipes & Profile Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

Manufacturing Overview Video

This high-impact intro video is designed to make an immediate impression on visitors. This type of marketing video is specifically designed for company upcoming event, such as an exhibition or roadshow.

Printronix Printers
Client: Printronix (US) / Printronix Printers (M) Sdn Bhd

Website Welcome Video

These videos are designed to generate interest in a product or offer, often using persuasive messaging and a call to action.

HomeFresh Corporate Video
Client: Chin Sam Chiap Sdn Bhd

Marketing Presentation Video

Share your company's origin, mission, values, and culture to build a connection with your audience.

Experience, Equipment, Expertise

Our passion for filmmaking, coupled with state-of-the-art facilities and an adept production team, positions us at the forefront of production services in Johor, Malaysia. Whether it's a Corporate Video, TV Commercial, Branded Content, Marketing Video, Music Video, or Documentary – you can trust in our wholehearted dedication.