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BIZHUB Skudai 8


Client: JOLAND Group

Product: Bizhub Skudai 8

About The Project:

Bizhub Skudai 8 Industrial Park – three storey semi-detached factory strategically located within the bustling and dynamic Skudai Town, under the booming Iskandar Malaysia Planning Region. Developed by Flagship Builder Sdn Bhd, Joland Group, one of the leading property developers in Johor & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Production

NinetyNine Film was called upon to produce a marketing video to introduce the key amenities Bizhub Skudai 8.


The Bizhub Skudai 8 official video was launched in Nov 2014 and has gained immediate success used as a official video introduction in opening ceremony event, sales gallery, website and social media.

The impactful video has helped Bizhub Skudai 8 easily understood by investors for the value of the developments and its potential for growth.

Space for Inspiration / Work / Produce

From story concept to video shooting, script & visual graphic, NinetyNine Film presenting the workplace in Bizhub Skudai 8 toward the fulfillment of business success.


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