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     Aerial Advertising Architectural Industrial Interior Food Product Furniture Fashion Group Portrait Other ( Please Specify )


  • Shooting Product

    Tell us what subject you need to shoot


  • How many product in total?

  • Number of final images required

    Example: 1 image per subject / 3 group shoot


  • Image Purpose:  Website Photo album Printing ( Leaflet / Brochure / Product catalog / Magazine ) High Quality Printing ( Poster / Billboard ) Other ( Please Specify )

  • Shooting Location As suggested by 99studio Studio Space - 99 Studio Provide by client ( Please Specify )


  • Shooting Date

    When you need to shoot the video? Let us know your schedule.

     I'm flexible, as suggested by professional Specific on this date ( Eg: 09 Jan 2015 to 12 Jan 2015 )


  • Another Details or Requirement

    Please describe the job in detail, to provide a more accurate quote.


  • Attachment

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    File type: .jpg .png .pdf .doc .txt Maximum file size: 1mb

    If attachment is bigger then 1mb, please use could service and send to lim@99studio.com
    Recommended cloud service wetransfer


  • When you need to get the final images?

    Write the date here, we getting the job done on time. (Eg: 08 Jan 2016)


  • Budget for this project

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