How-To-Apply • Windshield Protective Coating

How-To-Apply • Car Body Quartz Protective Coating


Product Promo Video

About The Project

KRISTALL – one of the main producers of nano coating products in the world. Based in Malaysia since 2010, KRISTALL bring the best nano coating tech to the automotive, electronics and numerous other industries.

Storyboarding, Scripting and Planning

Following the huge success of the last KRISTALL Product Promo video, we were once again commissioned by KRISTALL to produce a promotional film campaign for one of their product.

Our client



Official Product Promotion & How-to Videos of KRISTALL Product was launched by over 30 distributors overseas included Russia, USA, Brazil, Germany, Italia, Hong Kong, Norway, Indonesia ect.

Bring vehicle inside studio.

KRISTALL Car Paint & Windshield Protective Coating product video are created in our in-house infinity cove drive-in vehicle photography studio.